Maintenance and warranty Policy

All goods sold by the company are obeyed  to the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty commitments.

Nam Sao Viet committed to implement the company’s warranty policy quickly.

Company’s commitment

– Timeless warranty

– Lowest repairing cost

In case of lacking any innovative product, the company will immediately exchange a product which is equivalent to the technical parameter, using features, design and period of warranty that is equivalent to the product that the customer brings for warranty at the company. One exchange one for all products produced by NAM SAO VIET EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY within 7 days if there is a technical defect.

The warranty returning period does not exceed 15 days for all products manufactured by the company.

Equipment warranty:

Warranty period for equipment is 12 months, components have warranted according to the manufacturer’s standards since the date of signing the minutes of acceptance and handover of goods.

Hotline: 024 37 633 594                           Fax: 024 37 633 595

Cases are unacceptable warranty:

– The device is out of warranty.

– Damaged due to misuse, overuse, negligence, accident, fire, flood or natural disasters or other weather agents on the product.

– Consumables such as filter media, filter core system and filter membrane. Errors are caused by clogged filter elements, blocked filter membranes and rust stains due to not cleaning the product thoroughly.

– Deformation, wear or damage to the surface and improper use of the internal materials

-Not installed, maintained or operated equipment according to the instructions given by the company.

– The device shows signs of having been repaired, altered or dismantled by any other person not authorized by the company.

Equipment maintenance:

After the warranty period expires, we committed to provide spare parts and maintenance services, maintenance and repair for the life of the product at market prices at the time of arising.